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Arts. And there was much rejoicing.
I should upload more often.


Castoff - Chapter 1 Complete by Chibidoodles
Castoff - Chapter 1 Complete
Castoff just completed its first chapter! AND I just upgraded the website! If you haven't read it yet now is the perfect time to start! 

>>>READ HERE!<<<
Little Shop of Psychics by Chibidoodles
Little Shop of Psychics
"How am I supposed to keep feeding you? Kill people?!"

Haven't posted to dA in a long time, goodness. I promise I'm not dead, just using Tumblr mostly! My art blog is here for anybody interested. :D Cross-posting this here from Tumblr because I felt like you guys would appreciate it. 

Been listening to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack on repeat the last few days, felt like reviving some old characters for a crossover pic. Haven’t drawn May (from my old webcomic PSY) in a long time so this was a lot of fun. :D

(Well I guess I missed drawing murderplants too, to be fair. They’re cool!)

Castoff - New Webcomic by Chibidoodles
Castoff - New Webcomic
Do you remember this comic series I did back in 2011?

Do you like webcomics?

Do you like adventure? 

Do you like magic? 

Do you like COOL THINGS???

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should read CASTOFF!!

That's right, kids, it's a brand-spanking new awesome super cool webcomic I'm working on!! It just launched a few weeks ago but there's already over 20 pages posted online! 





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Animation student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Comic artist. Video game enthusiast. Cosplayer. Eater of tasty foods. Lover of musicals. Amateur bassist. Maker of puns and master of plushies.

Socially awkward and sometimes witty.


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Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while. How is everybody? 

An Anon on Tumblr sent me a message today asking what happened to PSY, and why I've stopped updating. I've been meaning to make a post explaining myself for a while now, so I'm just gonna copy-paste the message here: 

anonymous asked:
"yo what happened to your comic did give up on it or???"

Haha I was actually gonna make a post about this but kept forgetting to. Thank you for forcing me to talk about it.

Comic is currently on indefinite hiatus because life. For those who don’t know, I’m a senior in college right now, gonna graduate in 2 weeks. As an animation major, the last year of school is dedicated to your senior film. I had to stop updating because I was too busy with finishing my film on top of 2 other classes that were giving me a lot of work (college is hard). 

Senior film is done now (minus some twiddly things I have to fix and sound design, which is out of my control at this point), but now I have to worry about finding a job and a plethora of other things. ….Which is a whole new kind of stress I’m not used to. 

Have I given up on the comic? …….kinda. I don’t want to say I've given up entirely but not working on it for so long has kinda knocked the inspiration out of me. It’s like when you do something as a routine for a long time, then stop doing it, then when you finally come back to it you don’t look at it the same way any more. “Why did I do this? Why do I want to keep doing this?” I don’t want to stop doing comics but taking a break from PSY has forced me to examine all the flaws in my story, art, and everything else. Plus my art style has evolved quite a bit since October so there’d be a weird jump in art style if I started doing pages again.

Plus I also have the quintessential artist hangup “Does anybody even like my comic anyway/ would they miss it if I stopped?” Because I’ll be honest, I worked on that series for 3 years and it didn’t have much of a following. It’s a little discouraging. 

I’ve worked hard on PSY a lot since I started. I don’t want to stop doing the comic, but I feel like it needs something more that I have to find. I want to keep moving forward, I have a lot of ideas for smaller stories (One of my big mistakes with PSY- it’s really freaking long.), so I kinda want to take a step back and start there. Re-examine the story, the characters, the art, WHY I want to do this story. Get some practice with some new ideas, and let them shine for a while. I was gonna put out volume 2 of PSY once chapter 8 was done (I’m only a few pages away), so maybe I’ll finish the chapter when I have some time and then do a rehaul on the story and start it up again later. I’ve learned a lot about story techniques and how to write in the last few years, and looking back at my scripts makes me want to just rip them up and piece it back together. There’s a lot of stuff in there that isn’t necessary, and I kind of want to gut the script, take out everything that isn’t valuable to the main plot, and release the rest as mini comics on the side. Because there’s a bunch  of clutter right now. (There’s a bonus chapter I was planning to do with Xavier and Millie that explains their backstory in more detail but didn’t really fit into the main storyline, so I want to do more of those and get rid of the clutter the main story has right now.)

TLDR: PSY is in a vegetative state because life is hard, but I want to bring it back eventually when I have a clearer idea of what I want to do with the story. 

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